Wednesday, April 11, 2012

present state

i have got a new opportunity last month and i am moving from my present company to the new one.i want everything to go smooth ,i and my soul are together always thats my strength and they have told me they will not exist alone..stay together or die together...i am seeing new hopes of crossing the borders of my home land in sometime...i have still things to complete ...i must run for it...comfort,joy and pleasure..which comes through money health love...though i know money comes through intelligence and knowledge ..

Sunday, December 18, 2011


i am getting so bored..:(....moving out is not working....kind of not feeling to for trips...or feel like doing nothing.....if my travel plans are not working out..i am dead....pray for ma relocation plans and may be very early i become movable..:)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

GUITAR classes in bangalore

Hey buddies if you are looking for guitar classes in bangalore, look no further join the unwind music school in koramangala....:).They have got amazing instructors there.I have been playing for 2 years and wanted to take my playing to the next its been aroung 3 years guitar playing and i have improved a lot in leads(Rhythm guitar i have already been doing before goin to the place).

Monday, October 24, 2011

Best revenge movies

1) Hannibal rising :This is a must watch for all you revenge freaks.A brother sets out to revenge the morons who ate his sister alive.Horrifying scenes.This is an underrated movie , but after you have seen it you would never say i wasted my time . A pure classic

2) KIll BILL: A classic though,its too much.A girl killing thousands of warriors..a good flick.

3)Law abiding citizen : One of my friends recommended it and turned out to be an exciting drama,worth atleast two times watch.A man takes revenge on the wretched law who did nothing when his wife was brutally murdered.

4)Lucky number slevin: ALL time favourite of mine.A boy sets out to find killer of his father and kills them without letting them know untill last moment.

5)What lies beneath: Its a horror cum revenge movie wherein a ghost takes on its killer.The movies plot is just fantastic and i loved the movie so much , you will never guess who the killer is.Sure to make you sit on the edge of the seat.

6)Last house on the left: Crazy movie in which parents takes revenge on drifters who raped their daughter.A classic.I still remember the dad sticking a hammer on one's head with its sharp edge.

and please guys comment if you liked the movies and please give me good suggestions.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Most hottest movies of all times

1) UNFAITHFUL - Till now i havent come across a movie like this.It has a flavour of extramarital affair between diane lane ane and olivier martinez.Olivier plays an ultimate seducer who just wants to get laid every time.Diane lane plays a mother of a kid with Richard gere playing the husband.Things start growing really hot when the mother meets the drifter accidently.He has that unique charm and conversation talents in the movie that diane falls for it even though its for only sex.She cant get him out of her mind,so was his influence.her feelings for the guy keeps increasing and the husband becomes suspicious.He keeps a detective to find out whats goin on of the movie, i am not unveiling as it has got an amazing climax to the story..what happened to the drifter?.Will the couple seperate.?.Can richard take the pain caused by his wife?...

2)Fatal attraction - This has a similar plot, as in unfaithful.Very interesting movie though.Sizzling affair between micheal douglas and and a hot lady(dont remember her name she is famous though).But movie makes you sit on the edge of the chair till the end.

It also has the same plot.Unsatisfied wife working in a fish shop starts a steamy affair with a new recruit at the shop.The mom was so desperate in the movie lol.

Easy ways to create rock progressions

Imagine u want to make a chord progression and play leads on it....

lets do it in the key of Am

most of the chord progrssions have a common format

Am Am Fmaj Dm Em

in any key u can apply this rule and get the rock progression isnt it.

You can use Am pentatonic scale to jam over this will sound cool.You can add some extra notes if u have knowledge of major modes.:).

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Is there any need of another life....?.

I have no ambition of living an other more time...when people say i wanna live like an actor next time..i kind of get myself a hard laugh...our life that we have got now is only once.....we have to satisfy our emotions during this many more days u want 28000 days arent enough...only characters that i envy strongly are Bond and the casanova types..simply they they didnt care about anything...even then they knew how to maintain their three parts of life ..their health their wealth their love....they enjoyed all those and one day they died.They knew they were gonna die..We have to write a book about "Getting out of boredom and maintaining three parts of our life"...we should be able to live the best time pass....imagine 28000 days without tension,pleasure,laugh,sex,excitement....can we live through it..?...nope never...Even if these things come out of breaking current rules and regulations i feel u should do it...push and pull is required throughout the life....